Travelhorse Food Delivery Booster Package

17 June 2020 / Wednesday / 2:33pm

Travelhorse Food Delivery Booster Package

Travelhorse Tech Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 2020 as a luggage logistics platform connecting travellers to local shops or businesses for temporary storage of their baggage. The main purpose behind this was to enable tourists to explore cities free and easily. However, due to the pandemic that hit the world and affected the tourism sector disastrously globally, we had to quickly pivot our business. Thus, we adapted to the situation at hand smoothly and worked towards developing a logistics platform rapidly to serve the needs of our merchants.

As the Covid-19 pandemic had greatly restricted the movement of people and goods, we were determined to help our merchants connect with their customers by providing them with a delivery service known as, “Travelhorse Dash”. Within 3 months of our launch, we have served 15 local F&B businesses.

We have also been accredited by Enterprise Singapore and is now part of the Food Delivery Booster Package to support F&B businesses making the transition from offline to online sales. Our Merchants are mainly local F&B stalls and start-ups, which include cafes, ice-cream parlors, restaurants, hawkers.

Apart from offering dash services, the team has also introduced other logistics services such as packing services which were in demand for foreign students who were stuck abroad during the current pandemic and had to clear their apartments or rooms. This service includes a team which helps the students pack their belongings according to their liking and arrange for storage solutions accordingly as well. Delivery Services for non-food items are also being offered for individuals who require these services. We are working towards providing customers with a one-stop logistics platform.

We aspire to uplift the local industry that has been hit hardly by the current pandemic by gathering local start-ups and SMEs to work together. We believe in providing quality work to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We are hopeful and excited to take on future challenges! Travelhorse is always at your service! Feel free to contact us here!